Where Function and Style Intersect

Culture in Action

It's no secret that happy people work better. The Onset Financial Campus is taking this idea and expanding it to the next level. The campus will not only feature the game area that employees already love, but will also have our very own basketball court where our team can shoot hoops. This will allow anyone to take a breather from work and allow us to return fully refreshed.

World-Class Beauty

'Normal' or 'Average' aren't words in our vocabulary. Every single detail of the Onset Financial Campus is designed to stand out with class. The entire building is designed in an ultra modern layout that's guaranteed to turn heads. It's a place that our employees will be proud to tell their friends and family about!

Natural Light EVERYWHERE

The Onset Financial Campus is specifically designed to have natural light shine in at every point of the campus. This is done through the massive 10-foot floor to ceiling exterior windows with continuous clear glass. Natural light can also enter the building through the massive skylight located on the third-floor that shines not only on the top floor, but down into the second floor through the grand glass covered staircase located in the middle of the floor.

NEVER fight for parking

The Onset Financial Campus is designed so that everyone has the best parking spot. The parking lot will wrap around the building in a U-shape, allowing access to the building from every side. The idea is to improve employee mental health by eliminating the first barrier that many encounter during the day.