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The New Home for Equipment Leasing

The Onset Financial Campus is a 55-thousand square foot board-formed tilt-up building. Board formed concrete panels beautifully combine the movement and depth of concrete and wood into one product. The Onset Campus is one of the only three-story tilt-ups in all of Utah. And, the board form detail is the envy of many architects along the Wasatch Front. To achieve this modern look, concrete is cast on wood paneling or plank slats set into the mold. The grain, knots, and seams of the wood are transferred to the concrete element creating a customized look and concept. Board form tilt-up structures are rare because they take meticulous planning and precision to achieve. The walls of the Onset Campus boast 14-million pounds of concrete and will surely be a landmark in the tech valley.

A Mountain View Campus in The Heart of an Outdoor Playground

It’s no accident that Onset Financial chose Utah as its home base. Five of the country’s National Parks are within hours driving distance from Onset. And, you don’t have to travel to an official park to check an outdoor feat off of your bucket list. The Onset Campus has mountain views from every single window. Six conference rooms with floor-to-ceiling views line the corners of the campus. In the winter those snow-covered peaks host the world’s greatest snow. In the summer months, they offer endless hiking and biking trails and countless campgrounds and pristine fishing spots.

Workspace for the High-Performance Generation

The new Onset Campus aligns today’s innovative employee with an environment designed to encourage a sense of community and collaboration. With outdoor pavilions, a bistro and floating living-room style gathering areas, designers set out to create a space ideal for group meetings with a fresh feel. In addition, architects worked to find ways to bring natural light to every floor. For the second floor, that was accomplished with an unprecedented skylight that opens over a show-stopping staircase from the top level. And, the Executive Level is lined with 6X10 skylights to capture the natural light in every hallway and office.


Addicted to Growth

If the last decade is any indicator, Onset Financial will need even more space in the very near future. (Which seems hard to believe as we move into our new 55-thousand square foot space!) So, we planned for it. Already in the works is a twin building that will join our campus.  As part of a $1.4 trillion a year industry, we can continue to grow at our current rate for the next 400-years. Onset is very proud of the disruption we’ve made in our space and we are committed to the growth.


Building Design

Location and Current Conditions